Monday, February 19, 2018

Katie is Four!

Four years of Katie has been...
Four years of sunshine and roses.
Four years of joy and smiles.
Four years of rainbows!

One of the mass readings yesterday was from Genesis, about the rainbow God sent to Noah: 
"This is the sign that I am giving for all ages to come, 
of the covenant between me and you and every living creature with you: 
I set my bow in the clouds to serve as a sign
of the covenant between me and the earth."

Katie reminds us of God's goodness. She is such a little love. 
We were all so happy to celebrate all that she is at her Rainbow Princess Bouncy House Tea Party yesterday!
God has given her a special gift, and I pray she always possesses this sweetness and joy!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Family Photos October 2017

I decided to take family pics early this year. We took them in October, ordered them in early November, and we ended up being the first Christmas cards that many people received soon after Thanksgiving! We went to a historical park area in Tomball one Sunday evening and used the timer on all of these photos with everyone. It was quite a feat, and I'm so happy to have a big family photo with all of us!

We're out of storage on the laptop again, so I am behind in posting our Christmas photos. Hopefully I'll catch up soon with memories from Christmas and our big trip to Washington DC last week!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Dance with a Purpose 2017

This year the girls performed once again in their studio's Dance With a Purpose fundraiser in November. I love this performance because they always dance to beautiful Christian music with a more modern/lyrical style of dance. I was able to load the videos to YouTube, so I could post them here!

Both girls here in "In the Garden"

Ellie in "One and Only"

And the dancers with their friends who came to watch

Such a beautiful performance by these girls and all the dancers!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Peter Edward, One Year Old!


It's hard to believe that our sweet Pete turned one at the end of November! It has gone by so very fast. He is walking and starting to talk, still eating anything and everything, still hating his carseat, but overall seems to be a better and happier baby as the months go by.

He loves being outside, especially watching the boys play ball. He loves to call for his "Ehhh" (Ellie), and puts up with Katie's hugging attacks and attempts to drag him around. He's such a big boy, around 30lbs, has the most hair of any of the kids (gets a trim every few weeks), and gets lots of attention from people when we are out and about.

We celebrated a little bit on his actual birthday, but then had his cake and sang to him the next day when my aunts were visiting. It was a fun celebration for our fun boy!

The kids picked out some balls for him

Helping big sis make his cake

Naptime with Mommy
My favorite spot the past year

Cake baked by MC and sign by Ellie

Presents from Nene and Papa

Loves his swing!

Warm enough for the cupcake romper his big brother Steven wore

Fun celebrating with family

His big birthday gift, a little car toy

Happy First Birthday, Peter Edward! You are a blessing and a joy to all of us!

Fall Memories Part 3--Thanksgiving and early December

We continued our hosting and enjoying special events in November and December. 

Steven's Aunt Winkie came and stayed a few nights, 
then enjoyed Thanksgiving with the family.
We took her to walk around the Waterway, rode the Trolley,
and checked out the tree on Market Street.

Had to add these of the big baby in the bathtub!

 A gorgeous Thanksgiving Day!
Starting with Flag Football at the park

Steven leading Grace

Dessert table

Tables set up in the garage

Aunt Jill and Ellie

Lady talk

Mary Clare and Emily with Aunt Winkie

The kids put the tree up Thanksgiving night!

The day after was a "Friendsgiving" play day and picnic
at a local park

Sweet scenes by the tree

After a morning of hunting, he came home to find
baby dressed in camo to welcome the boys home

The girls went to see a local Nutcracker where some of their
homeschool friends performed, one as Clara!

Big boy after Sunday Mass

Santa at our city's Lighting of the Angels

Aunts Marilyn and Kathy (my mom's sisters)
came for a surprise visit and stayed here overnight.

They came bearing many gifts!

And they joined us at our homeschool Park Day
and Cookie Exchange!

And I helped with our homeschool group baby shower on Dec 2nd!
So many fun events this time of year!

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