Monday, November 20, 2017

Fall Ball 2017

The boys had an amazing season of Little League baseball this fall! They both played on Premier teams (more competitive), and both of their teams WON their division at the end of the season! Both were on NY teams, Steven on the Yankees and Thomas on the Mets. Steven got to do quite a bit of pitching. He also played catcher a lot. Thomas had his first season of machine-pitch. He usually played 3rd base or pitcher, but in the playoff games did a great job as short-stop. Both made great hits, quite a few outs, and were star players on their team. More importantly, they worked hard, played hard, and were good encouragers of each other and their teammates. Here are some photos throughout the season...

We don't pay for professional photos, so here's what we got on a hot day with cranky babies, and I missed Steven's team shot. Oh well!

I love this set of Steven with Peter

Thomas listening intently to his Coach John, a great leader for these kiddos.

Thomas getting the game ball!

After his team party

These little ones were great sports! Lots of late nights at the ball field. Katie had some sweet friends who were siblings on Thomas' team. They loved the chalk one of the nights! She also had some good lessons at dealing with bigger girls who were not playing nicely (kept leaving her out because she was a little younger than them). 

Mets win the "World Series" championship game, 
with a 10-run lead in the 4th inning.
Getting his medal!

I love the faces of Thomas and one of his coaches behind him!

Team trophy

Then after a long game (3hrs 10mins!), Steven's team took it all against the White Sox!
Getting his medal!

Brothers played the championship games, on neighboring fields, at the same time, and both WON!

Steven's team with the trophy

And Steven holding the team trophy!
They had a fun little pizza party in the parking lot after the game.

And, that's a wrap! A great season for the boys. Mama and the little ones survived all the driving, practices, and games on busy weeknights. I am proud of all of us for making it through another amazing baseball season!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Little Moments with Katie

Everything is so exciting and fun in the life of a preschooler! Had to share these photos of Katie Grace from the past few months; they make me smile!

One of the last swims of the season

eating some fruit snacks at Nene's

after her first ballet class

after Sunday brunch at Goose's Acre

After ballet class with her friend Mary

playing with stickers from Aunt Kathy and telling a story

pouring work in the Montessori Atrium Sunday school class

playing with her saints on the piano 

and her little hands and little princess bandaid :)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday, Thomas

Thomas turned 7 in September, and we had a fun time celebrating this big boy! We threw together a Star Wars themed party with two of his neighbor friends, and NeNe and PaPa made it too. The boys played, had pizza, had cake and ice cream, enjoyed a piƱata, and then Steven took them to Main Event for some laser tag! The main things he wanted for his birthday were fidget spinners, and his big sisters put together a whole scavenger hunt to find them around the house! He got some other cool gifts and said it was the best day ever!

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